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Keilidh Cashell @KEILIDHMUA

"Just finished my first ever fitness plan with @psharry1. He makes it so easy to understand and I didn't even have to go into a gym! If you're new to the whole fitness  thing or you're not sure where to start, Paul is the guy you need!"

Ellie Kelly @ellieekellyy

“Today is my last day working with @psharry1, I wasn’t as strict as I should have been on them but by god have they helped me a lot. I would highly recommend his plans, new workouts & meal plans, definitely, check them out!!

Erika Fox @Retroflame

"Almost through week 1 of my new fitness plan , 4 quick workouts a week, healthier meals, lots of @fijiwater (2 litres a day)….& well, I can barely walk up the stairs but @psharry1 has assured me it gets better! 1 down, 3 to go!"

Lucy Fitzgibbon @lucyyfitz

"I really really enjoyed it, ANDDD he made me sweat which is a pretty big deal cuz realistically I try to avoid moving as much as possible ….also YOU CAN EAT!!! :) no starving yourself and feeling unhappy. Losing weight + toning up while still having a full belly 

Jane Swarbrigg (@Janeinglot)

"My final programme with @psharry1 has just ended and I’m really pleased with the results after a summer of working out and enjoyed it. I can’t recommend Pauls plans enough.”

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