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This is a complete package for those who want a custom made training program and a tailored nutrition program. Lose weight, tone up, build muscle, get abs, whatever you goal is combining both training and nutrition is the key to achieving it. You will receive a training program consisting of exercises, sets, reps and rest times to complete. Not sure how to do an exercise; don’t worry I will be there to help you and send you a tutorial video to help you learn any exercise correctly. Gym and home workouts available in case you are not a member of a gym. You also receive a sample meal plan along with a set of macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat) designed specifically for you to achieve your goal. I will also provide you with a list of different foods and their caloric information should you wish to change a meal in the sample meal plan provided.

As always I will be accessible through email for the duration of the 4 weeks to answer any questions you may have. Every weekend I expect you to check in with me for review and following measurements and understanding how you are feeling I will then be in a position to decide whether we are on track or if changes are required. This package includes:

  • Custom made gym or home workouts
  • Set, reps, rest times all prescribed depending on your overall goal
  • Tutorial videos if required to demonstrate exercises
  • Your own personal split of macronutrients
  • Your own personal meal plan
  • Continuous support through email
  • Weekly reviews (through measurements & photos)
  • Guidance/Advice on dealing with cravings etc
  • Accountability, I will be available throughout the 4 weeks to keep you motivated and on track.