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Introducing my new SUWS 2020 Plan...Food2FIT! 

This plan is a 4-week programme and costs 100. 

This is a complete package for those who want a custom made nutrition program and a structured plan to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to your diet, food management. 

Food2FIT is suited to all dietary requirements and choices. 

Lose weight, eat healthier, learn about food management, learn how to track and stay on track, whatever your goal is learning about how to manage nutrition in the best way that suits your lifestyle and is going to help provide results is the key.

You will receive x5 sample meal plans along with a number of tools that will benefit you throughout the plan and on completion. 

As always I will be accessible through email for the duration of the 4 weeks to answer any questions you may have.

Every weekend I expect you to check in with me for review and following measurements and understanding how you are feeling I will then be in a position to decide whether we are on track or if changes are required. This package includes:

  • x5 Personalised Meal Plans 
  • SUWS Cookbook 
  • Meal Plan Builder Access 
  • Continuous support and guidance from me through the SUWS App
  • Weekly reviews (through measurements & photos)
  • Guidance/Advice on dealing with cravings etc
  • Accountability, I will be available throughout the 4 weeks to keep you motivated and on track.