Client Success Story!

Weight loss; 4kg

8cm lost off her waist

10 weeks into her 12-week plan.

I started this plan straight after Christmas, as I stopped going to the gym for a couple of months and started to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. I wanted to get back into eating healthy and exercising right. I wasn’t expecting much from the plan as I’ve done similar kind of things like this before with average results at the end.

What actually happened was that I found this plan so easy and made me actually enjoy working out and learning about how to balance going out/ eating out etc while staying healthy and in shape and avoiding all that unnecessary guilt!

My main goal was to lose some inches off my waist and I was delighted as not only did I lose three inches but I actually managed to tone up too!!

This plan was so easy to follow and with the support of Paul keeping me going and pushing me the whole way it made getting those results, that bit easier!

Really loved this whole experience and would highly recommend to anyone that needs that kick start!