Snacking Tips While At Home!

As most of us are finding out right now, being stuck at home means one thing;


-Breakfast followed by a snack staring out the window.
- Have another snack while deciding what to have for lunch.
- Lunch followed by a snack while looking in the fridge deciding what to have for dinner.
- Dinner followed by a dessert snack.
- Most importantly snacks when watching tv.

You get the picture…

So here are some simple tips to help you out at home;

1. First and foremost if you have binged or had a few days of emotional eating. DO NOT STRESS, this is normal, I repeat this is normal!!
Your environment has changed, your eating habits have changed and then add a bucket of stress in there too. This can have huge impacts on people so don’t stress if you did have a few bad days.

2. When you are shopping try to avoid buying them foods that you snack on
uncontrollably. I know this sounds very basic but by not having the snacks in your house you are severely reducing the chances of you over-snacking or bingeing.

3. Try to push back the time of your first meal in the day. Creating this time- restricted eating window can work wonders for some people. By starting to eat later in the day we can dramatically reduce our overall calories for the day.

4. Eat mindfully, one study has shown people who eat and watch tv at the same time can consume up to 36% more food in comparison to people who were eating and listening to music. Also, the time between mouthfuls is significantly shorter when watching tv = equalling faster eating!

5. Preload with water. Drinking water before your meal has been shown to decrease food intake from that meal by 30%!!

6. Eat foods with a higher satiety. Look to increase your protein intake as these foods are the most satiating of all three macronutrients.

7. Finally, boredom eating. This is when you can look to go for a walk, do a workout, call a friend, anything at all.

So there you have it, 7 very useful tips to help you manage your calorie intake during this period.