Carbs have been demonized for years and here’s why: ⁣

I’m your PT and I say cut carbs out, you immediately know to stop eating Bread, Pasta, Potatoes, Sugar, etc...⁣

You cut out carbs, you lose fat and then we high five each other and say “Carbs are Bad”⁣

No talk about what actually happened... By removing carbs you dramatically reduced Calorie intake resulting in a Calorie Deficit!! ⁣

Think about it, you’re at home at night watching tv & your partner says; ⁣

Fancy a biscuit? ⁣
I can’t have carbs ⁣

Fancy some ice cream? ⁣
I can’t have carbs

Fancy some crisps? ⁣
I can’t have carbs⁣

You are massively reducing your calorie intake by not eating what you used to eat and you think it is solely because you stopped eating carbs this happened... ⁣

NO, it happened because you reduced OVERALL calorie intake. ⁣

Doing this might work in the short term but if you love carbs you’re going to be miserable! Then when you do start eating carbs again, all hell is going to break lose #BingeFestival

Carbs are not the Devil, you can still eat them and lose fat.

You just need to reduce overall calorie intake. ⁣

In short; ⁣

If you’re overweight you do not have a carb problem you have a calorie problem.⁣

If you love carbs, keep eating them. ⁣

Fat loss occurs as a result of a calorie deficit not as a result of not eating carbs.