Manage Your Calories!

Fat Loss has been made out to be one of the most complicated things in the world.

Do you know why? Confusion causes uncertainty and with uncertainty, people are more willing to spend money.

Especially when you have an event coming up, your favourite jeans won’t fit anymore or my usual one, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror with no top on…
When you have that moment where you think “Come on Paul it’s time to cop on” is when you’re most likely to make an irrational decision.

  • Cut out carbs
  • Skip Breakfast
  • Try FitTea
  • Follow the Keto Diet
  • Get to Slimming World

What if I said to you;

“You manage your money because you have to, why not manage your calories?”

If you didn’t manage your money and plan ahead there could be some serious implications;
Not being able to pay rent, Not being able to pay bills, Can’t afford a night out or a holiday away, etc…
You decide you want to splash out and buy an LV Handbag… You need to save 2 grand for it so you decide to save 200 euro a week and in 10 weeks you can get your bag!!

Why can’t we take this logic and apply it to dieting?

You want to lose some body fat for a summer holiday, you decide to create a deficit of 200 calories per day and do this for 10 weeks. Then when your holiday arrives you feel and look completely different!

Earn more money than you are spending is the key to saving money the same as;
Calories in Vs Calories out is how fat loss works.

Now the issue that makes dieting hard is people don’t understand this.

People think they need to follow a certain diet that begins with the word THE and finishes with the word Diet,
People think they need an abundance of supplements and shakes,
People think they need to do what someone on Instagram is doing.

No, what you need to do is manage your calorie intake in relation to how much you move.
Once you know how many calories you need you then make your diet as enjoyable as possible.
Make your diet up mostly out of nourishing foods low in calories and full of micronutrients and vitamins. But, still keep your foods in there that you love e.g. Chocolate, Crisps, Coffee, Ice Cream, etc…

An enjoyable diet is a sustainable diet and a sustainable diet means results that you can maintain! 
No falling off the bandwagon here.

So take my advice and remember Fat Loss is not an overly complicated issue.
Create a deficit, make it enjoyable and if you want, treat yourself to an LV bag at the same time LOL.

You manage your money because you have to, why not manage your calories the same way?