Don't Regret Not Starting!


My main aim behind my most recent 90 Day Plan is to get people onto a sustainable plan that doesn’t even feel like you are dieting. Small positive changes over a long period of time = Long Lasting Results. 

This plan is the perfect plan to get Summer holiday ready and not feel like you have to sacrifice everything to do that!

Let’s think about this in a situation that everyone finds themselves on the lead up to Summer; you start a diet the same day as your friend.

Your friend goes ahead and “crash diets” you take the sustainable approach and do the 90 day plan with me.

Roll on 2 weeks later your friend has seen incredible results, however, you have seen only small amount of progress and now you are starting to think “why didn’t I crash diet too & I could have those results too??”.

Another 2 weeks on, your friend has gained back the weight and has given up on the diet completely but you are now 4 weeks into your diet and have made even more progress!

Let’s fast forward another 8 weeks down the road........ You have now got 12 solid weeks of dieting and training under your belt. You are feeling and looking the best you've felt in a long time and you have now a better outlook on your fitness and dieting. Your energy levels have increased and you feel excited to keep your progress up! You are also feeling more confident and you are very happy with how far you've come since starting your plan.

Your friend has jumped back and forth between several different diet approaches since and has made absolutely no progress whatsoever and is feeling very bad.

Summer is now getting close and your friend is in an awful panic, giving out that nothing looks good on them, wondering why no diet ever works for them, then the golden last resort option......“I’m going on the juice diet”!

Have you ever heard so much madness, some people actually stop eating solid food in a bid to drop weight!

But on the other hand, you will be avoiding all of this stress, all of this panic and actually feel great & ready to hit the beach.