Summer Holidays Are Coming!!


I know what you’re thinking “Ah here, I’m only over Christmas don’t be talking to me about Summer Holidays!”

But if you want to go on holidays this year and not feel self-conscious while you’re on the beach or having your photo taken please stick with me here!

How often do we panic before we go on holidays about how we look and panic about what are we going to do in order to look and feel a bit better on the beach!

Too often people panic about 2-3 weeks before holidays and do the craziest things ever in order to drop some body fat in order to get their beach bod!

  • Crash dieting
  • Gym 10 times a week
  • No carbs
  • Laxatives
  • Juice Diets
  • Fasting

I have seen and heard them all.

Why not avoid the panic about how you look this year?


We now have roughly 3 months to get in shape for holidays. So why not use that time correctly. The longer you give yourself the better your chances are of success as you can eat at higher calories. The higher your calories, the easier it is to stick to your diet.

I’m sure you have followed a minimum calorie count diet before where you genuinely feel like you are being starved on it? Imagine being on a diet where you can feel full all day, maybe actually struggle to eat all of the food. Still be able to eat foods you love, still be able to go out at weekends, etc…This is all more than possible once you allow yourself a decent amount of time to get in shape.

End Goal;

Actually set yourself and end goal this year. Instead of looking in the mirror a few days before you go on holidays and panicking why not set yourself a goal now??

I want to be a size 10 for the holidays, I want to lose 1 stone before the holidays! I want to feel comfortable on the beach!

Again, time is so important here too. We can set ourselves a long period of time to achieve this overall goal but set weekly goals (via weekly check-ins with me on my plan) to keep you on track to your bigger goal!!

For example; “I am aiming to lose just 1lb this week” you hit that goal in 1 week brilliant, what’s the goal for next week??

“Next week I want to fit into a size 12 dress!!” and we keep going like that until we hit that overall goal & you feel brilliant for holidays!!

Crash dieting;

As I mentioned above, usually people panic about 2-3 weeks out from holidays and go to extreme lengths in a last-ditch effort to feel better before heading off on holidays!

Avoid this at all costs, because what generally happens is you will torture yourself for the 2-3 weeks!! Stress yourself to the last & feel like death heading off on holidays & when you do get on holidays you will gain everything back within 3-4 days and be back to square one!!

Why not actually lose body fat correctly, go on holidays feeling fantastic & with a brilliant relationship with food!! Not feeling the need to eat anything that makes eye contact with you at the breakfast buffet & staying in great shape throughout the holidays!!

I am going to end this blog here;

If you want to go on holidays this year feeling great about yourself, not shying away when someone wants to take a photo, not feeling self-conscious on the beach or by the pool, & actually getting excited about going shopping for clothes for holidays because you feel great!

Then take my advice and start getting 'holiday ready' now!