Are you making this mistake when it comes to dieting? 🤔

Let's talk about one of the most common reasons I see people failing at dieting!!

Weekends absolute kill people in terms of their diet when it comes to fat loss...

I’m not going to bore you with the usual calorie talk right now but the 2 key aspects to fat loss are;

Calories and Adherence to your Calories!!

If you can’t stick to your calories consistently you will never see any progress no matter what tea/coffee/shake/juice/waist trainer you have!

This is not me making up stuff, this is scientific fact.👨‍🔬

The general pattern I see with people dieting is, they have a set routine Monday – Friday and can diet easily all week then Saturday morning

For most people that means no school or work and they have extra time in the morning. So they eat some extra food straight away.

They then lose their usual routine and end up eating at different times throughout the day, it’s the weekend after all.

Maybe this includes a night out Saturday night to blow off some steam which leads to the inevitable day of comfort eating on Sunday. 🍔🍕🍫
Here comes the science; Monday – Friday, let’s say you’re in a 200 calorie deficit. 200 x 5 days = 1000 calories. (Click here if you want to find out more about what a calorie deficit is) 

So, you have accumulated a 1000 calorie deficit Monday – Friday.
But from eating a larger breakfast, going out Saturday night and comfort eating Sunday you overate calories!!

A few drinks Saturday night could lead to an excess of 1000 cals and then maybe a pizza on Sunday would be another 1500 calories.
Which equals 2500 cals.

So, that 1000 calorie deficit you created Monday – Friday has been completely blown out of the water and in fact, you have ended up 1000 calories in a surplus which means Fat Gain!!

Now you are wondering how the hell you are gaining fat and you are dieting 5 days a week?? The answer is simple, on the weekends you are forgetting calories exist.

There are several ways we can work around this, one being the 5/2 Diet.

For 5 Days you go slightly deeper into your deficit e.g. Monday – Friday eat a little less to save calories for the 2 days on the weekend!!

Don’t be the person that diets really well and works hard Monday – Friday and then ruins everything on the weekend.

You can still have a social life & enjoy your weekend once you are aware of the 2 key principles of fat loss!!!

Calories and Adherence to your Calories
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