When Cancer Knocked On My Door I Could Have Gave Up!

Having connected with Paul towards the latter end of 2018, I quietly followed online what SUWS is all about wondering could I...would I! January 2019 I made a commitment to myself to embrace a fresh, realistic approach to my mindset, nutrition and fitness. I cannot say THANK YOU enough, Paul, for what your program has reignited in me, my sense of self, fun with food and finding my confidence again in the types of exercise that work for me now at home.


The results go way beyond losing weight, numbers on a scale or what my dress size is! In 2017, age 37 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, scared sh@tl*ss doesn’t even come close...aggressive chemotherapy...a medically induced menopause...bone pain at a level I didn’t even think was possible and a 24/7 battle with my mental health. Pre-Cancer was marathons, triathlon’s, circuit classes, I simply loved exercise but cancer shattered that world into pieces on me.

Nowadays, I’m not post-cancer, I’m living with cancer and I’m so grateful to have this shot at living my life with the help of intense daily medication and the determination to help myself. When I signed up with Paul, I explained my health situation, nothing has been an obstacle, he has worked with me through every single aspect of my nutrition and exercise with patience and encouragement because I’ve had a lot of false starts, a lot!


My progress is never going to be fast paced, some days it doesn’t happen at all but slow and steady wins the race right...and ever so slowly I am starting to see positive physical changes in my body shape, actually I’m starting to SEE my body for the first time since 2017 and I’m loving what I see!

️Living with cancer forces you into a club against your will! I thought I would never get my head around food and exercise again, the mountain was so freakin’ high but Paul and his realistic approach to exercise, nutrition and the realities of living life in the real world are helping me SO MUCH, I’m taking control again of what cancer robbed of me!


I cannot recommend SUWS enough, what Paul does goes way beyond health and fitness, I’m forever thankful to him.


Thanks so much, Paul.