New week, new me!!

It’s time to empty all of the rubbish out of the house & stock the presses with veggies, salads, nuts, fruits, etc…

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people think that in order for them to lose weight they must stop eating what they love & start eating these new foods they don’t particularly like.

People have been brainwashed to think that in order to lose weight it must be chicken & broccoli every night & eating bread is diet suicide!!

No, No, No……

You already have a diet made up of foods you love & eat daily!!

How likely would you be to stick to your diet for longer than 2-3 days if you kept eating these foods every day??

There are 2 secrets to fat loss;

Calorie Deficit
Adherence to your diet
We can set you up in a calorie deficit to promote fat loss but now we have to make sure you find sticking to your calories easy by incorporating foods you love into your diet.

You love oats for breakfast, cool keep oats for breakfast. Carbs are good!!

You like a sandwich at lunch, again cool with me. But let’s fill it with chicken/tuna/turkey etc.. to get some protein in & let’s use a low fat dressing to keep cals down!!

You like burgers for dinner?? Again fine by me, but let’s make them homemade using lean mince & egg whites. So we can keep our calories down.

You struggle in the evening with binging, no problem. Let’s set aside some calories for about 7-9pm & make sure you have enough calories left over for a Dairy milk bar, A Can of Coke Zero & maybe some Propercorn Popcorn (low calorie popcorn).

That’s how you diet successfully. Tweaking a few things with your current diet so you are not actually giving up anything or restricting any food groups. We are simply becoming a bit more aware of how many cals we are eating in a day & now managing it.

You follow this approach & I promise you will be about 4-5 weeks into your diet wondering why you never did this before and in shock at how easy it is to actually diet when you keep eating what you love & forget all of the lies you were brainwashed with before!!!