Dominique's SUWS Phase 1 Journey

Dominiques Results after Phase 1
I took on this challenge to get fitter and healthier for summer and in my life in general. I am forever looking up new ways to stay in shape without having to cut out my favourite foods completely. I have tried a lot of meal plans in the past and I always go full throttle for the first few weeks and then fall off the bandwagon and go back to my unhealthy ways because the plans are too strict.
I didn't feel that at all with this plan.
All the foods on my plan with Paul were what I like to eat on a daily basis so I didn't feel like I was restricted in any way. There was no cutting carbs or treats out completely but just realising how to better manage calories so he made sure I was in a calorie deficit.. 
I need structure to keep me on track so following the meal plan was ideal for me and the little treats that were incorporated into my plan helped me to stick to it.
I did 4-5 training sessions every week which Paul sends through the training app for you to follow and I found the weeks flying by. I learned so much about nutrition and now know the balance to keep myself on track. 
I really loved doing this plan and managed to have no takeaways at all during the 4 weeks which is unheard of for me. I was absolutely delighted with my results and cant wait to continue onto phase 2 of the plan!