Summer Shred Challenge 2019


Shape Up With Sharry Summer Shred Winners. 

The results of the Shred Challenge once again were fantastic across the board! Check out the winners from the June Shred and their amazing before and afters which speaks for themselves.

I always see truly incredible results from people on this challenge, which is down to hard work and motivating yourself to achieve your goal. 

See what they had to say about their experience on the challenge and how they felt after it! 


Hi Paul, I can’t thank you enough for all ya done in the last 3 weeks from the advice in the group chat to all the simple tips to make the whole process much easier. I didn’t think In such a short space of time I could make such a difference, it’s amazing how by just looking at what you eat and how much you eat plays such a vital role in weight loss. Thanks so much once again. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to make a change with their body. The toughest part is making the start! Thanks again


The three week shred has been amazing, not only have I noticed huge changes physically but my entire attitude to fitness has also changed. Before this plan I did absolutely NO exercise, I used my three young children and the fact that I was exhausted to avoid all forms of activity.
I took on the plan and stuck to it and after the initial three days of agony where I couldn’t sit, kneel or walk up/down stairs I began to feel much better and even enjoy the workouts, I felt more energised and had a much brighter mindset. 
Paul made everything so clear from nutrition and calorie control to the exercise demos, thank you so much Paul for all the motivation and knowledge you imparted during the last three weeks, you are fantastic at what you do. 



I've suffered from hypothyroidism for over 10 years, and I had tried every diet and plan under the sun and nothing worked for me. A friend told me about Paul and told me to have a look at his page and this is how I saw the 3 week shred, I had my doubts but decided to give it a go...and I am so happy I did.! The 3 week plan was fantastic, loads of support and encouragement and the best part is it didn't feel like a diet at all, I still had two nights out, dinner out, lunch out and not once did I feel guilt. I lost over 23cm and over 8 pounds and for the first time ever I can finally do a burpee! My confidence has soared thank you, Paul, I cant wait to do the 4-week plan!