Stop Viewing Foods as...'Good' and 'Bad'


How often have you thought “Oh, I’m starting a new diet, I need to throw out all of the foods in my press & start buying healthier salads etc..”

So many people get caught up in the mindset of when I’m dieting I need to eat nothing but;




Gluten Free


The list goes on and on…

If your number 1 goal is fat loss then your number one concern is calories. 

Calories are the currency of the fat loss world.

Eat too many and you will gain fat

Eat too little and you will probably starve yourself and go into a cycle of restrictive dieting followed by binging. 

Eat the right amount and you will lose body fat and feel fantastic. 

All foods contain calories, it doesn’t matter whether they are the most organic foods in the world produced in fields where unicorns live, they will stay contain calories.

The same as a beautiful double cheeseburger from McDonald's will contain calories!

So, Paul, you are telling me I can lose weight from eating double cheeseburgers?

Well, yes you could!

But it wouldn’t be a great way to do it. You would feel miserable and probably look miserable too. So I would highly advise staying away from the double cheeseburger diet if that’s even a thing? Haha. 

What I suggest is becoming a bit more aware of your foods.

How many calories are in the foods you are eating on a daily basis.

How many calories your body needs a day.

Then comprising 80% of your diet with good nutritious foods such as meats, vegetables, nuts, potatoes, rice, etc..

Then the other 20% of your diet with calorie-dense foods that we all love for example Ice cream, chocolate, crisps, sweets etc…

The key to a successful fat loss plan is sustainability and being able to adhere to your calories. You are 101 times more likely to stick to your diet if you enjoy it!

Now go spread the word about this new fantastic diet called the double cheeseburger diet haha.