Forget What Fitness Told You in 2018.

Over the past 2-3 years, fitness has exploded!!

“The only session you will regret, is the session you miss”

“The pain of discipline is nothing compared to the pain of disappointment”

“I gave up the party life for the gym life”

“Check out my latest physique update”

Please stop the world & let me get off here, please.

I have had enough of this fitness culture & in 2019 I want to help people get over this culture also.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love training. Most days I’ll train twice a day if I can because I love it. But I will not post about it, I will not ask my clients to do the same, I will not say this should be the norm for everybody.

Instead what I want to promote is finding a healthy balance both within diet and in training.

Instead of having the mindset that you need to train as hard as you can and put everything else in your life on hold so you don’t miss gym sessions. Let’s start thinking when we have time we can get to the gym and do a workout. If we are busy and can't make the gym ok, that’s fine. No need to feel guilty about it but I might just slightly reduce my cals today & aim to do over 10,000 steps today.

Instead of thinking I can’t eat chocolate anymore and I need to eat nothing but meat & veg. Let’s start thinking of, I want to eat a balanced diet consisting of nutritious foods but also including these “bad foods” e.g. sweets, crisps, chocolates…in moderation.

Instead of giving up your social life in the pursuit of a six pack, let’s just moderate this & set a plan in place to accommodate a social life. If you feel you are turning into the person that says “No” to absolutely everything because you don’t want to ruin your diet please have a rethink about what you’re doing. You’re only young once.

Make 2018 the year you stop listening to all of these people who want to make you give up everything in order to get a 6 pack for 2 weeks. I can tell you unless you are genetically gifted, getting a 6 pack is going to require you giving up a lot of foods you love & spending a lot of time training.

Aim to find a balanced diet & lifestyle this year. Find a plan that works for you, find a diet you can stick to, aim for small progress over time & most importantly aim to enjoy life.