Striving for perfection or striving for happiness?

Striving for perfection or striving for happiness?

It has never been easier to make yourself feel bad about yourself.

Open your phone.

Open Instagram.

I look terrible compared to him/her!!

Why am I so out of shape?

I am a mess!

Instagram can be great in so many ways but so many people use it to put themselves down. They look at the top 1% of the fitness world and set that as their goal.

You could be a 10 out of 10 in your town & feel amazing then go onto Instagram & feel like a -3 out of a 10!!

What does this result in?? Crash dieting, overtraining, stress, binge eating, negative self-talk.. The list goes on and on.

It is a vicious circle that involves starving yourself, binging and then starving yourself again.

Making zero progress & developing a bad relationship with food & with yourself.

So here is what I suggest;

Start comparing yourself to yourself!!

Have you improved from 2 weeks ago?? Are you fitter, are you stronger, have you lost some bodyfat? I bet when you take the pressure off yourself and stop comparing yourself to the top people in the world that;

  1. You will find you are a lot happier
  2. You actually start making progress

Enjoy Instagram for sharing pictures and keeping in touch with friends abroad but give up comparing yourself to other people as that is only going to end one way!!