How many times have you said New Year?

How many times have you said New Year, New Me??

Yet I bet you never really stuck to your changes?

After Christmas & New Years have passed and we have eaten our body weight in food & drank enough alcohol to put Dublin City to sleep.

We then start to feel a little bad about ourselves & start to regret some of our decisions.

Maybe I shouldn’t have told my boss to f**k off.

Maybe I shouldn’t have robbed that pizza slice out of Apache.

The list goes on...

Anyway, we get a notion in our heads.“I’m done with that stuff, DRY January it is.”

“I’m going to hit the gym 5 days a week, get up and do yoga 3 times a week before work, eat my veggies & give up all processed foods. My body is a temple”

We have all been there.Unfortunately, we have all failed at this lifestyle change too!!


Because we are trying to go from a hardcore chocoholic over the Christmas period to a saint overnight!!

It’s never going to end well, you’re going to go from eating anything you want without a care to depriving yourself every single day of all the foods you love.

You’re going to be back to work. And you’re facing into the longest month of all existence “January”.

Can we just stop time now & stay in December haha.

But, how can you expect to stick to such a restrictive diet & training plan when so many other factors in life are going to be having a negative impact on you?? That’s why I say this year, be smart about your New Years resolution.

Instead of overhauling your diet completely, let’s make small changes. You were drinking 5 nights a week. Now let’s bring that back to normal & maybe once a week have a few drinks.

You were eating a KG of sweets & biscuits every day over Christmas. Tone that down and maybe have 3 or 4 sweets or biscuits a day.

You really want to have the dream body in 2 weeks, let’s be realistic & understand that is impossible. But you can definitely lose some bodyfat in 2 weeks.

Let’s say we want to have our dream body for summer and each week until summer we will set a mini goal to keep us on track. Lose 1 cm off our waist, stick to my calories all week, lose 1 kg in 2 weeks etc..

Setting small goals which we can celebrate pretty much every weekend to keep us on track to our bigger goal of summer!

That’s why in January I’m launching my 90 plan. This is for the person who wants to change their body for good, change their lifestyle for good & once and for all stick to their New Years Resolution.

Making small changes week by week, eating lots of food, trying out new workouts every 2 weeks.

All aimed at keeping you motivated & never once feeling deprived or miserable.

Make dieting enjoyable, make dieting easy..

So when the last week of January hits and the New Years Resolutions are starting to give up on the gym & diet. You’ll still feel like you’re not dieting at all and seeing the results coming in weekly!!