How to make it through a Hangover without ruining your diet!

So, you are after been out last night and smashed a load of drinks and the chipper on the way home! All thoughts of your diet vanished after the first 3 drinks and then it was a case of “Calories don’t count on the weekend”

Hand on my heart, the reason I see so many people fail at dieting is because of...THE WEEKEND!

Now there is nothing wrong with having a social life and drinking etc.. But, you just need to be aware of it and make allowances so that you can fit these additional calories into your diet. One thing that is definitely not going to help your fat loss is goals is hammering calories on a night out and doing the exact same again the next day because you are hungover!

You could take in a full week of calories over the weekend as a result. So even though you think Mon – Thurs I’m being really good why am I not seeing results? You are forgetting on Friday – Sunday you are taking in nearly a full week of calories unknown to yourself.
Your weekend makes up 42% of your week don’t forget!
So in the above video, I have put together a standard hangover day and how being aware of how many calories are in certain foods can still help you eat some comfort foods and not blow out your calories!

This is why I promote calorie tracking, now you don’t have to track calories for the rest of your life or anything like that.
But, I feel everyone should track calories for some period of time to learn what foods are high in calories and what foods are not.
When you’re armed with this information you can now start making actual better decisions and choosing low-calorie alternatives as opposed to high-calorie foods which will not fill you at all!!

In the video, you will see one day comes out at over 4000 calories consumed and the alternative comes out at just over 1000 calories… Now there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. So making these changes could be the difference between gaining an lb of fat over time and not gaining it!

The more knowledge you have, the more power you have!