The Trendy Breakfast!

A common 'trendy breakfast' scenario im sure everyone can relate to!

Picture this...

It’s Saturday morning, Ali and I have just finished a workout in the local gym. It was their Saturday morning class. The last chance for everyone to go in and work up a sweat before the weekend. 

Now, we are finished work for the week so let’s head to the local café for some breakfast, coffee & a chat!

So, Ali goes to order breakfast and after seeing her favourite health/wellness/ life coach / fitness / foodie / spoofer / blogger posting about each day on their Instagram.

Ali orders smashed avocado on multi seed, gluten free bread with a water with a chuck of cucumber in it!

Then I order a Bacon, Eggs and regular white toast! 

The mood of the morning takes a swing, “Paul, what the hell are you doing?” asks Ali in disgust!

Ali genuinely believes bacon is fattening because it is mildly processed, she reminds me I will never have a 6 pack like Zac Efron if I eat stuff like that! 

But what Ali doesn’t know is I have taken the time to learn a bit about fat loss.

What matters and what doesn’t matter.

From taking this time to learn I now know that the Bacon, eggs and toast actually equate to fewer calories than the glorious smashed avocado on toast.

I know micronutrients are important for overall health but I also know energy balance defines fat loss not trendy foods!

Taking the time to understand what matters for fat loss is far more beneficial to you than looking for the next gimmick, fad or blogger endorsed supplement! 

The one and only rule to fat loss is ; calories in Vs calories out. This has been consistent since the beginning of time and it is not going to change. 

The easiest way to lose fat is finding a method that allows you to adhere to your calorie goal every day with ease.

This is done by making up your diet of foods that YOU like and continuing to eat these foods just now manging the quantities and ensuring you adhere to your calories. 

Learning about the caloric values of food will help you to see where you have been going wrong for so many years and find the answers to the questions that everyone wants to know! 

Why no diet has ever worked before...... 

Why you continually fall off the bandwagon...

Why you always gain back the weight after you lose it.....