Low Carb Diet Or Not??

For too many years now people have been told Low Carb is the only way to go if you want to lose body fat!!

I’m here to tell you if you love Bread, Potatoes, Oats, Chocolate, Rice, Scones….

You can still eat them & lose fat.

One theory behind this was;

Carbs are broken down into glucose and used as energy in our body & if we ate too many carbs then that excess glucose was stored as fat on our bodies

Another was to do with spiking our insulin levels dramatically when we eat carbs & as a result our bodies would try remove sugar from the bloodstream & again store it as fat.

So what we need to understand is if our bodies require energy whether you are insulin resistant, following a low carb diet, eating cheese from the moon, no matter what our bodies will find a way to provide us with energy.

If we are storing fat on our body, our body will use that fat for energy. If we have eaten enough of calories our bodies will use the calories for energy. So what is important is the amount of calories we eat!!

If we are eating too many calories whether that is from protein, Carbs or Fats & our bodies do not require all of that energy, yes we will store it as fat.

However, if we are not consuming enough of calories for the amount of energy we need, our bodies will have to reach into fat stores & use that for energy.

Our body-fat is a back up of energy essentially for times when we don’t have enough food. That’s why our bodies will fight back so much when we are dieting at times as our bodies do not want to be at a low body fat because it genuinely thinks you are trying to die!!

So, to summarise. If your main goal is fat loss, it does not matter where you get your calories from, whether it is protein, fat or carbs. If you are in a calorie deficit you will experience weight loss.

Consume fewer calories than you burn off & you will make progress.