SUWS Client Success Story : Christine

I've always been the bigger girl but my turning point was after having my fourth baby, I was at my heaviest and I want to get fit and healthy to enjoy my time with my kids.

I wanted to be able to go out playing without getting short of breath or tiring easily. I was also at that stage of my life when lots of my friends were getting married and I wanted to look good for the photos! 

I went to Paul for personal training to build up my fitness and my energy tolerance. Once this improved I joined a  gym. Due to a busy house and working full time I was unable to continue going to the gym.

I started Paul's online programmes, initially, I did the 4-week plan of a food and home exercise plan. I really enjoyed it, I was eating foods I loved and exercising when it suited me.

The plan was really easy to follow as I enjoyed doing it, I had failed numerous times on everyday diets and starving myself. Paul was always at the other end of the email and made everything really easy to follow. 

My knowledge of food and calories now will always be with me. I have completed a few of Paul's 4-week programmes and I trialled his 90-day programme just before Christmas.

Having the app on my phone and being able to track my calories, track my workouts and then graph my progress has been a great motivator to keep going.

I feel so much better now having completed the plans, I’m fitter, have more energy to be out with the kids and I love I can feel this way while still enjoying life! I have more confidence and I enjoy going shopping now!