Ok so right now if you have been following me for a while you will know that the main issue you need to address in order to lose body fat is your calories.

You burn off more energy (burn calories)than energy you consume in a day through food (eating calories)Then you are in a position to lose fat!!

Slimming World

Weight Watchers

Intermittent Fasting

Ketogenic Diet


Low Carb Diet

Paleo Diet

They all revolve around this principle of creating a calorie deficit by consuming less calories than you burn off so your body is forced to dip into fat stores to use for energy.

All the above diets are simply just different approaches methods of achieving this calorie deficit.

What I want you to think about though is how sustainable is the approach you take??

If you love carbs then going with a keto/Low Carb diet is probably not the best idea.

If you love sweets, chocolate & soft drinks then maybe Paleo is not the best idea for you.

If you love breakfast, then intermittent fast is not going to work for you!!

What I’m getting at is there are 101 different ways to create your calorie deficit & you are best off picking the way that you can stick to!! If you cannot stick to your diet for longer than a week, is it really the diet for you??

Adherence is essential to any fat loss plan, in order to see fat loss results we need to stick to our calories for an extended period of time. Most people take on a diet that is not right for them and can’t sustain it any longer than Monday – Friday and when the weekend hits they need a break from their diet!!

There is something massively wrong here, so how do we fix this??

We set out calories at a reasonable level (not poverty calories, where you are starving all day)
We include foods we like in our diet
We don’t restrict any food groups or demonize any food groups (Saying I would love that but I can’t because I’m on a diet.)
We manage social events into our diet, reducing cals slightly in the lead up to the event in anticipation of the additional calories we will consume at the event.
So what is more important than a calorie deficit for fat loss???

Being able to stick to your calorie deficit is everything!!! Find a way to stick to your calories and dieting will become a walk in the park!!