I started a new diet & I feel so sick following it.

I started a new diet & it’s giving me such bad headaches.

I started a new diet & I would love to eat that food but I can’t because it’s not allowed.

I hear this all of the time & I can wrap my head around it!!

Why follow a diet you hate & stops you from eating a food that you love?? It makes no sense at all!!

Realistically you will be able to stick to that diet for maybe 1-2 weeks max before you feel like giving up & eating anything within in a 5 meter radius. The most important thing besides calories to achieving fat loss results is adherence to your diet!

We can set calorie targets, macro goals, the most perfect training plan ever etc.. But if you can’t keep to your diet it’s not worth anything.

If you stick to your diet for 4-5 days and then binge for the other 2-3 days you are not going to see results.

If you stick to your diet for 2 weeks see great results but can’t stick it out any longer than the 2 weeks, guess what? You will be back at square one in a week’s time!!

This is why I’m trying to educate people about dieting on the SUWS Fitness App.

I’m trying to show you, you already have a diet made up of foods you love & all we have to do is manage it a bit better now.

Imagine if you could keep eating the foods you actually like & see fat loss progress?

Well you can & this is what people need to start understanding!! You don’t need a diet comprised of juices, shakes, powders, etc..

You just need to be aware of how much you are eating and move a little more.

Understand the basic principle of fat loss, Calories in Vs Calories out.

Keep eating what you usually would and I bet you will stick to your diet a hell of a lot better.

You might not see results as quick as Sheila who is living on grass and shakes for two weeks BUT I bet if you ask Sheila how’s the grass & shake diet going 4 weeks later she will have packed it in & will be back to square one!!

But you, following a sensible diet & managing your calories will be at 4 weeks not even feeling like you are on diet and seeing results every week!!

Who do you want to be??

Sheila, who is going through the process of hating life for two weeks & getting results but losing them just as quick.


The person who learns a bit about calories, keeps enjoying their food & keeps getting results week after week!!!