Not Seeing Results?


How many times have you taken on a diet and then by the end of it you have seen little or no results? 

It is the most disheartening, soul-destroying feeling ever!!

“I can’t diet”
“I’m useless, why can’t I lose weight?”
“How come my friends look good & I can’t”


I have heard it all and had many conversations with my clients dealing with these emotions! This is probably the best part of my job because I get to change the way a person feels about themselves and their outlook on dieting!

I get to help that person who says all of these negative things about themselves to start saying positive things about themselves such as;

“I actually made progress, I can do this”
“I look good, I’m so happy I did this”
“The best investment I ever made was working with you and finally learning where I was going wrong”


9 times out of 10 the reason people are not seeing results is their......WEEKENDS!

Monday to Friday everything is fine, they are in a routine;

Get up have breakfast, go to work/school.

Have lunch, maybe a snack and go home.

Do a workout, have dinner after their workout and maybe a snack watching tv before bed.

Pretty straight forward day, but on the weekends we lose all structure. We get up later, we have more time in the morning because we are not rushing off to school or work so we spend longer in the kitchen and already consume more.

I watched a documentary this week called secret eaters and it showed this guy eat his entire daily calorie requirement in just his breakfast! That is insane, he ate enough calories in one sitting to do his body for the day!

So yes, it is possible to blow out your calories in one meal.

Now, I’m not saying you are going to go this extreme but if you spend longer in the kitchen you are more than likely going to consume more calories than you usually would.

Then you might plan some activities during the day go longer without eating than usual and then binge on something you wouldn’t usually eat to satisfy your hunger!

Night time rolls around and it’s the weekend, it would be against the law to cook so we need to order a takeaway!

This is common practice for so many people and then we wonder why we are not losing body fat because all we can remember is how we struggled through the week eating minimum calories.

My advice during the week would be :

  1. Increase your cals & include some more foods you actually love in your diet daily that will help you not feel so deprived when the weekend hits!!
  2. Keep structure to your weekends, try to eat the same times you would usually it at during the weekdays.
  3. Learn how to track calories, so you can actually fit takeaways, drinks, sweets into your daily calorie allowance.

These are the keys to successful fat loss and most of us have been blinded by someone on Instagram selling BCAA’s with their top off telling you this what you need.

Apply them three tips above and I guarantee you will stop self-sabotaging by blowing out every weekend!