Why you need to stop worrying about the scales!

Literally, every day I have a conversation with someone who is a little worried about their weight.

I might have someone following my plan and the conversation will go as follows;

Client; Hey Paul, I have dropped 3lbs!! I’m so happy!!

Me; That’s brilliant but I’m way more pleased about the 4cm drop off your waist measurement, that’s incredible!!

Next Day;

Client: Hey Paul, I’m up 4lbs! I have no idea what’s happened. I have done nothing wrong!

Me; Has your waist measurement changed?

Client; No, it’s still down 4 cm!

Me; Ok, don’t panic you have not gained fat in one day….

If your main aim is to drop bodyfat please stop using your weight to determine if you are making progress or not!! Our weight can fluctuate on daily basis for so many reasons;

  1. Time of the day, morning or night!!
  2. Time of the month for girls
  3. The weight of food in our stomach
  4. How hydrated we are.
  5. If we had a heavy week of training
  6. How much we have sweated…

The list goes on and on. Basically using weight to determine our fat loss progress is not a great idea.

Besides, when you decided to start off on your fat loss journey you probably did it because you want to look a bit better or feel a bit more confident with less clothes on?

So why not use that as a metric to measure your progress?? Use your waist measurement, because most people generally want to get a flatter stomach.

Use photos because at the end of the day if you are trying to drop body fat you are probably trying to improve your appearance. So why not actually use your appearance as a measurement of progress?

What I’m trying to get across is;

Your weight is literally just your body’s relationship with gravity. No-one else knows that number except you & to be honest you shouldn’t really even care about it.

When you go on holidays no one is going to stop you and ask how much you weigh?

Instead, they might say; Oh, you look really good in that swimsuit! Again a physical change that people can see.

So, please do me & you a massive favour this year; Stop worrying about your weight & if it’s up or down and pick a new way to assess your progress such as measurements or photos!!

I promise you will be a lot happier for doing it too!